That Dog Don’t Hunt

Itza Music


  • First Odd Prime
  • Retromingent
  • Don’t Touch The Pitch
  • Posy
  • That Dog Don’t Hunt
  • Gearless
  • Don’t Touch The Pitch (Reprise)


I Have a Doctor on Board

Itza Music


  • Nothing Too Much
  • Here Comes The Lover
  • An End To Wind
  • Cape Flyaway
  • Birding
  • Rumbowline
  • Belly
  • Velocity Made Good
  • Witness
  • Coffin Ships


Strike the Tent

Itza Music


  • Throat
  • Shade Of Palms
  • I’m Going On
  • Three Pictures
  • Hey Mama, I Died At War
  • Honvéd Utca
  • Windmill
  • Plaintive View
  • Give It Up
  • Pigs
  • Szélmalom
  • There’s Talk Of Water


“Certainly one of the most varied albums of the last months. Artfully changing from Jazz, Electronica and world music, Addie Brik’s songwriting and her arrangements are reminiscent of artists such as Robert Wyatt. Very grown-up, very deep, very clever.”

“The phenomenal Georgia-born Ms Brik has ravishing vocal and tireless imagination. The follow-up memorable 2004 debut Loved Hungry, this second album wasn’t made quickly or easily but her kaleido music is bourne on an agile multi-hued voice. Camp it up.”

Strike The Tent came out of the experience of living in Budapest for two years and was recorded in Hungary and Transylvania. It is heightened by the use of a far broader palette of sounds and instrumentation, utilizing the fiddle, Cimbalom, Koboz, Difonic Singing, Kanna Drums and featuring The London Scottish Regiment and the Budpaest Boys Choir.

Brik & Shenale


  • Cross The Channel
  • Je Suis Mal á Propos
  • This Is My Gift
  • Solovox
  • Solovox hidden track

Cross The Channel in collaboration with UK dance troupe The Chomondoleys.


Conroy Maddox


  • The Property Of Specialists
  • Falling In Love With Love
  • Neat Spirit
  • Feggafetto
  • The Red Bus
  • The Young One Was Limp
  • Music Criticism
  • Crossbow

Addie worked with the British surrealist painter Conroy Maddox during the last year of his life, composing a collection of soundscapes, conversational interpretations, titled Coma, to celebrate his work. With Richard Thomas and Steve Beresford, free improvisation.

Loved Hungry

Rough Trade


  • My Little Pony Ride
  • Saki
  • Rollin’ In The Jekyll
  • IWE
  • Your Granddaddy’s Yelling At Slaves
  • I Get Home
  • The Problem With Imitators
  • Fruit Fly
  • Holes And Bridges
  • The Grass Is Moist
  • Will The Wire Hold Me In


“Beautiful but uncomfortable in a David Lynch kind of way.”

“An incredibly opulent and worryingly irresistible album indeed.”

“Weird and often quite wonderful, too.”

“For a highly-strung, classical-meets-electronic, minimal-but-mistressful session check out Addie Brik – a beauty.”

“The Most Striking Debut Album Of The Year So Far”
THE MIRROR (Four Stars)

“Collaborations with Plaid and Luke Vibert have clearly given Brik the confidence to innovate. That’s when Brik is at her best: this is a promising debut album.”

“…an opus that challenges the paradigms of modern soul music.”

Featuring Russian prodigy and producer, Andrei Samsonov and pianist, Boris Berezovsky; and The Russian Chamber Orchestra of London, and To Rococo Rot and Tarwater.

My Little Pony Ride EP

12″ Vinyl EP Lo Recordings


  • My Little Pony Ride
  • My Little Pride
  • Bonded Plaid Mix
  • Richard Thomas Interlude
  • The Problem With Imitators
  • The Grass Is Moist (Instrumental)


12″ Vinyl EP limited edition of 100


  • Ghostbusters Scored And Adored Purple Ghost Mix
  • Cursor Miner Mix
  • Addie Brik And Eu Mix
  • Solar X Bastards Make Me Feel Good



  • Word Became Flesh
  • Lil’ Peace
  • It’s Huge
  • Drunkie Drunkie Crystal Fingers
  • Swine Hoarde
  • My Nmae IS Liv
  • Your Granddaddy’s Yelling At Slaves
  • Whino
  • The Killing Window

Featuring Addie Brik, Wendy & Lisa, Doug Wimbish, Skip MacDonald, N’Dea Davenport, Michael Ward, John Philip Shenale and Andrei Samsonov.

Duck, See Goose

Clandestine / East West


  • Dream Anight
  • Call Me Daddy (dance remix)
  • Voix De Bois
  • Little Man
  • Afroadiziac
  • La Decadance
  • You Remember Even Me
  • Call Me Daddy
  • Merz Stuck
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Goddess
  • Ecce Homo
  • I Feel Myself


“…sinneverwirrender Abenteuer-Trip … der Altmeister wie Kate Bush und Peter Gabriel weit hinter sich lässt [!]. An-und aufregend.”
(…intellectually confusing adventure-trip …that leaves past masters like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel far behind [!]. Stimulating and exciting.)
GIG, September 1994

“…musikalisch hochinteressant …extrem swingende Grooves, …jazzig funkig …entzückend, bunte Mosaiksteine.”
(…musically highly interesting… extreme swinging grooves …delightfully colorful mosaic stones.)
Jazz Thetik, September 1994

“…ziemlich abegedrent, ziemlich weiblich, ziemlich klasse, die Platte.”
(…considerably unwound, considerably feminine, considerable class, the recording.)
TIP, September 1994

“…aussergewöhnlich gelungene Mischung aus europäischer Tradition und US-Pop-Versatz.”
(…extraordinary, splendid mix of European and U.S. pop transposition.)
klenkes, aachen, September 1994

“…verführerisch, gemein, wunderschön… Music for Films.”
(…enticing, vulgar, wonderful… Music for Films.)
SATURN, September 1994

“A La Decadance auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen… superschönes, ungewöhnliches Stück.”
(La Decadance is by no means eluded… superbeautiful, uncommon piece.) StadtRevue Köln, September 1994

“…für Leute die Spass dran haben, …was neues zu hören.”
(…for those people who enjoy hearing something new.)
TV Spielfilm, September 1994

“…Reinhören ist Pflicht!”
(… Pure listening is an obligation!)
LIVE: Essen, October 1994

“…anspruchsvolle Pop-Kleinodien …betörende Grooves …schier unglaube intenstät.”
(…prentensious pop treasure… infatuating grooves… sheer unbelievable intensity.)
HIFI/Vision, October 1994

“…sehr stimmig, mit exotischem, surrealistischem Touch.”
(…very in tune with an exotic, surrealistic touch.)
AHA Music News, October 1994

Featuring Addie Brik with Jamaaladeen Tacuma, the renowned Philly bassist, Gilles Apap on the violin, Fernando Pulham on the trumpet, Aster Aweke the Ethiopian singer and Guadeloupe raised crooner, actor Joel Virgel, Kate St. John, and Steuart Liebig.

Call Me Daddy

Clandestine / East West

Featuring Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc, Chris Bruce and Joel Virgil Vierset.

la decadance

Clandestine / East West

Limited edition of 300 artwork and remixes with Hossam Razmzy, Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc and Kate St John.


12″ Vinyl

Recorded with the original Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Hilliel Slovak, Flea, and Jack Irons, and Bruce and Mark Moreland at the Casbah in Fullerton, California.


Rothko and Addie Brik

Trace Recordings

Meet Her When She Shakes

Meet Her When She Shakes is the debut collaboration between Mark Beazley’s Rothko and Addie Brik. Mark has been releasing music under the Rothko name since 1999, using the bass guitar as the main sound source.

Luke Vibert & BJ Cole

Virgin / Cooking Vinyl

Stop The Panic

Featured and co-write on the tracks ‘Stop The Panic’ and ‘Nice Cave’.

Constant Friction

Lo Recordings

Collaborations 2

Features ‘Bonded Plaid Mix’

Fresh Fruit

Lo Recordings

Features Addie Brik, Mike Flowers, Richard Thomas – ‘Elegant Flower’.

Female of the Species

Law & Auder

Features “No” written and performed by Addie Brik.

Living in the Music

Nuro Records Japan

Nik Weston

Features ‘Go Easy Lord’.